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Center For Indian Language Technology (CFILT), our laboratory in the CSE Department, at IIT Bombay, is a leader in research and development in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Our noteworthiness for being one of the most distinguished NLP labs in the world is due to following features:

  • covering a large landscape in research, combining linguistic knowledge and machine learning,
  • making outstanding contributions to top international Conferences and Journals like TALIP, ACL, COLING, EMNLP etc. and
  • leading large scale projects in India on machine translation, search, sentiment and lexical resources,
  • organizing large national and international conferences, and
  • adhering steadfastly to the maxim "linguistics is the eye and computation is the body".

Our past and current associations with eminent Universities and industries like such as Stanford University, MIT, Kyoto University, Grenoble University, Copenhagen University, IITs, IISc, IIITs, IBM, Microsoft, Google, HP Labs and many others allow a great deal of exposure to the students. Name any NLP area, and we work in that: Lexical Resources, Lexical and Structural Disambiguation, Parsing, Cross Lingual Information Retrieval, Machine Translation, Textual Entailment, Cognitive Studies and Sentiment Analysis. We are the first to create many technologies like Indian language search engine, Indian language wordnets and Projections for NLP problems.

We believe in open source tools and resources, some of which are well known over the world and are regular downloads: