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Work Done and Resources for Project Tukaram

Download resources

  1. Abhangas of Saint Tukaram
  2. Linux version (7 MB)
    Windows version (7 MB)

  3. Converters
  4. DVTTYogesh to ISCII Converter
    SurekhB to ISCII Converter
    Akruti to ISCII Converter
    ISCII to IITK Converter
    Monollingual ISFOC to Billingual ISFOC Converter
    Iitk to Shusha Converter
    Iitk to Iscii Converter

  5. Word Level Syntax Checker
  6. Download AkrutiChecker
    Download IsciiChecker

  7. Word Level Syntax Corrector
  8. Download corrector for Akruti Document

Marathi Search Engine Components

Download resources

  1. Web Content File System (WCFS)
  2. Indexer
  3. Searcher
  4. Crawler
  5. Language Identifier

Installation README file for Marathi Search Engine.

  • Downloaded code and Links to parents sites
A) ITRANS Related Package

B) XDVNG related code

Download code from here

C) Converters

I) Local Download ( Provided By Indian Institute of Information Technoogy, Hydrabad )

Download Jagaran To Iscii Converter
Download Krishna To Iscii Converter
Download Milap To Iscii Converter
Download Naidunia To Iscii Converter
Download Pavitri To Iscii Converter
Download Shree962 To Iscii Converter
Download Shusha To Iscii Converter
Download Xdvng To Iscii Converter
Download Iscii To Ankit Converter
Download Iscii To Milap Converter
Download Iscii To Shree962 Converter
Download Iscii To Shusha Converter
Download Iscii To SurekhB Converter
Download Iscii To Yogesh Converter

II) Remote Download

D) Fonts

I) True Type

Download XDVNG Font
Download Shusha Font

  • Downloaded Documentation

A) Maps and Manuals

B) Search Engine Related Papers

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine
Technique for measuring the relative size and overlap of public web search engines(Krishna Bharat and Andrei Broder)
Contex and Page Analysis for Improved Web Search(Steve Lawrence and C.Lee Giles)
Efficient Crawling Through URL Ordernig(Junghoo Cho ,Hector Garcia-Molina and Lawrence)
Focused Crawling(Soumen Chakrbarti)
Hypersearching The Web
SPHINX: a framework for creating personal ,site specific Web crawlers(Robert C. Miller and Krishna Bharat)

C) Other documents

  • Tukaram Related Sites on Net
  • Marathi Related Sites On Net
  • Sanskrit Related Sites on Net
  • Hindi Related Sites on Net