CFILT’s writing guidelines

See that the production does not look raw, but becoming of a graduating senior student. The following are very much in your control.

When you write report for your MTP, DDP or BTP, please keep the following guidelines in mind. Before writing the report, please send the content outline including subsection level headings to your guides and get an approval from them.

Overleaf template link for report:

Common points

The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do ~ Thomas Jefforson

Report writing

A report is designed to lead people through the information in a structured way, but also to enable them to find the information that they want quickly and easily.

Presentation guidelines

Other things to keep in mind

Bare essential

  1. No grammatical mistakes. Use tools like grammarly for quick error correction.
    1. Read this article on how to use punctuations:
    1. No gap before punctuation
    1. Gap before parenthesis
    1. Singular plural
    1. Subject verb agreement
  1. Impeccable formatting
    1. Uniform font
    1. Use section and subsection numbers
    1. Uniform gap for section titles and lines (else looks very unpolished)
    1. Figures and tables numbered as and properly captioned
    1. References in ACM or IEEE or ACL order, complete and correct
  1. Never use contractions (’do not’ instead of ‘don’t’)
  1. Use equations editor and not cut and paste from pdf
  1. Acknowledgement in formal expressions
  1. Never start a chapter straightway with section, and section with subsection. Use few lines or one paragraph to brief the reader.
  1. A proper lit survey chapter, but not scattered
  1. Add a page listing own publications
  1. Multilingual strings must be in 4 forms: the string, transliteration, gloss and English translation
  1. The report should look like a report and not a compendium of slides

Good to have

  1. Abstract: describing what you want to do
  1. Conclusion: describing how much of the above has been done
  1. Future work: putting down (abstract-conclusion)'s quantum of work
  1. Proof read many times

Great to have

  1. Build a story
  1. Present it coherently, interestingly
  1. Get it reviewed by few people before submitting