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Mailing System for Indian Languages

This system allows for reading and writing mails in Indian languages using Pine as message handling tool. Pine is University of Washington's Program for Internet News and Email. It is mainly used for English correspondence. The default character-set for Pine is US_ASCII. Pine can be used for reading and writing mails in non-ASCII characters by setting appropriate character-set variable. But pine doesn't recognise Indian language characters. Indian language support for Pine is provided using alternate editor and alternate viewer. Pine has built-in support for alternate editor. Similarly alternate viewer option is implemented in Pine. Yudit, unicode editor is used as alternate editor and viewer. Yudit is Unicode editor, developed by Gáspár Sinai. This allows reading and writing mails in Unicode encoding as well as ISCII encoding.

Download Source Code
Download Modified Pine Source Code

For reading and writing mails in Indian Languages follow the below steps.