Ripple Priya Goyal

Center For Indian Language Technology

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

IIT Bombay, Powai

Mumbai - 400076

"Most used alphabet "A" doesnot appear in spellings of 1 to 999. It appears for the first time in 1000 & continues. Sameway, success requires patience & faith...."


Welcome to my Web-Space!!

I am a B.E. from University of mumbai with a major in Information Technology. I am currently working as a Research Associate at the Center for Indian Language Technology, IIT Bombay. My research interest lies in Artificial Inteliigence, Natural Language processing and Human-Computer Interaction. I absolutely love to code/program (Computer Sceince fascinates me) and have an inclination towards art which translates to artistic designs or innovative interfaces.

My Hobbies and likes include coding, Sketching and Painting, Dance and Music, travelling to new places and i love to try new things.

Please click here for the work cd

Please click here for the work cd

Last update Monday, November 22, 2010

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