Ripple Priya Goyal

Center For Indian Language Technology

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

IIT Bombay, Powai

Mumbai - 400076

"Most used alphabet "A" doesnot appear in spellings of 1 to 999. It appears for the first time in 1000 & continues. Sameway, success requires patience & faith...."

Some of my Academic Projects

1. Face Identification for Security Systems

Developed in Matlab and Visual Basic
Features of PCA and LDA algorithms are being combined to identify images. A combination of Eigen vectors of Covariance matrix (PCA) and Separation matrix (LDA) has been used to provide the software with an enhanced capability in identifying side-profiled and disguised images. This project was done under the guidance of Prof. M. R. Bhujade, CSE, IIT Bombay.

2. Dedicated Game Server

Developed in Java
A Dedicated Game Server and Players in Java platform to support card games, chess and tic-tac-toe. Connection between Server and Player was established through Socket Programming. It used javax.swing package for sophisticated GUI components, JApplets, JFrames and concepts of Multithreading through Thread class and Runnable Interface. The Project was done under the guidance of Prof. G. Sivakumar, CSE, IIT Bombay.

3. Virtual Table Tennis

Developed in Microsoft Visual C++
A game of Virtual Table Tennis using Microsoft Visual C++, enabling user to play with another opponent or with computer using Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, game maintains user statistics. It uses Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL), a cross-platform multimedia library providing low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, 3D Hardware via OpenGL and 2D framebuffer.

4. Polynomial Manipulations

Developed in C++
Program deals with representation and manipulations of polynomials using classes, link lists and operator and function overloading. It peforms arithmetics operation on the polynomials as well as gives the standard form, degree and roots of the polynomial. This was done as a Project forAdvanced Course on C++, CEP, IIT Bombay

5. Virtual Stock Market

Developed in Java
Software developed for a college festival under Computer Society of India, showing effects of various events on share prices through Pseudo-Random number generation and Mathematical models.

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