Panel Discussion

Topic:      "Charting the course of action for Indian Language Processing"
Panelists:     Sasi Kumar  (C-DAC, Mumbai)
                         K. Narayan Murthy  (Univerisity of Hyderabad)
                         Vaijayanthi Sarma  (IIT Bombay)
                         Tanmoy Bhattacharya  (University of Delhi)
Moderator:  Pushpak Bhattacharyya (IIT Bombay)
Observer:    R. M. K. Sinha  (IIT Kanpur)

Suggested points of discussion:
    1. Better interaction between the two worlds: Linguistics and Computation
          - How much of foundation on linguistic theory should the CS people understand?
          - How much should the linguist understand computation?
    2. The crucial need of keeping the feet on ground, while holding the head in the sky
          - Basic resources (Lexical)
          - Basic tools (tagger, chunker etc.)
          - standardization
    3. Involving the industry
    4. Involving the government
    5. Education and training
    6. Actions:
          - Immediate
          - Long term