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I work in CFILT lab. This lab is part of Computer science and engineering department. You can fallow this link to visit my lab centre's website. It hosts many different tools and resources. The work in this lab is on natural languages that can broadly be divided into Wordnet in Marathi and Hindi, Marathi and Hindi part of speech tagger and machine translation, Hindi-UW dictionary, translation of Marathi and Hindi part of speech. I joined this lab in July 2002. Many of my labmates are from language side. That is, they are not computer experts. So my work also involves providing support to them. Initially, I created softwares which could help them to do there work speedily. I use Visual C++ for programming. Then, I moved to more core activity. i.e analysis of english for machine translation project. I also got to work as system administrator and website maintainer for my lab. I learned much of the Linux system administration when I joined as sysad and my hostelmate Nikhil. Now I am doing a course in IIT in CSE department.

The work environment in IIT Bombay is encouraging as compared to other institutes in India. You can see very bright, intelligent students here. Not all of them work hard but their presence creates a competative environment. I love doing new things. I like to try new tools and techniques in whatever I do. I like to do things in more productive way.

For some time, I used to teach basic programming in Java to my linguists freinds and lab-mates. I learnt a lot about teaching through this process.

The Machine Translation project that I work on is based on UNL (Universal Networking Language). I will write about my exact nature of my work. If you are interested and eager to know then visit www.undl.org and my lab's website www.cfilt.iitb.ac.in.

Sep 2006