मराठी शाब्दबंध (Marathi Wordnet)

मराठीतील शब्दगत संकल्पनांचा कोश (A Lexical Database for Marathi)
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10. नाव (Name): Kuntal Sampat
2019-02-26 00:18:10
क्रमांक (id): 1422
प्रतिक्रिया (Comments):अक्राळ AND विक्राळ MEANINGS ARE BOTH NOT THERE AND WOULD BE HELPFUL.
उत्तर (Reply):1
11. नाव (Name): Kuntal D Sampat
2019-02-25 23:53:09
क्रमांक (id): 1421
प्रतिक्रिया (Comments):Thank you for the feedback. I could not find the word: चढ़वल्यखेरीज
उत्तर (Reply):1
12. नाव (Name): Duru
2019-02-22 19:15:19
क्रमांक (id): 1420
प्रतिक्रिया (Comments):Carmoisine
उत्तर (Reply):1
13. नाव (Name): Kat
2019-02-15 13:18:49
क्रमांक (id): 1419
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14. नाव (Name): Yogesh Vishvambar Bhalenavaru
2019-02-12 09:28:14
क्रमांक (id): 1418
प्रतिक्रिया (Comments):hi
उत्तर (Reply):1
2019-01-26 14:38:23
क्रमांक (id): 1417
प्रतिक्रिया (Comments):Nutech ला मराठीत काय म्हणतात
उत्तर (Reply):1
16. नाव (Name): Ida Coulter
2019-01-26 11:25:08
क्रमांक (id): 1416
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उत्तर (Reply):1
17. नाव (Name): Aja Seale
2019-01-19 17:33:35
क्रमांक (id): 1415
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18. नाव (Name): Art Wingate
2019-01-12 00:59:44
क्रमांक (id): 1414
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19. नाव (Name): Sandip Gagare
2019-01-10 16:15:00
क्रमांक (id): 1413
प्रतिक्रिया (Comments):I liked this concepts of an Online Marathi dictionary. I use many Marathi words in my day to day life. I don't know the exact meaning of those words in Marathi. I use them because I know the context of their usage since childhood. Some typical Sanskrit inherited words in Marathi are hard to explain of their meaning in Marathi. This was a good step to enable users to search for Marathi meaning of the Marathi words. Thanks for this creation to IIT Mumbai and people behind it.
उत्तर (Reply):1