Resource Center for
Indian Language Technology Solutions

Department of Electronics is launching Technology Development in Indian Languages initiative, under which it identifies Indian Institute of Technology at Mumbai as a Resource Centre for Western Indian Languages.
The other Resource Centres are at IIT, Kanpur, IIT, Bombay, IIT, Guwahati, CDAC and JNU, Delhi. At a meeting organized at DoE some time ago it was decided to have common Aim and objectives for all the Resource Centres.


To establish a Resource Centre for Indian Language Technology Solutions that can offer complete solutions which would enable people of India to enhance their quality of life using information technology through Indian languages, and to make available, in electronic medium, resource information in Indian languages and Sanskrit in a manner relevant to the present day needs.


The core objectives of a Resource Centre are:
  • To act as a repository of all knowledge tools and products concerned with computer processing of Indian languages.
  • To develop the methodologies and tools for seamless integration of language processing tools with existing and evolving software development environment.
  • To network with other Resource Centres concerned with computer processing of Indian languages, organizations which can provide specialized knowledge, potential user agencies, and other interested educational institutions.
  • To develop a wide range of technologies and products that would facilitate computer processing of Indian languages.
  • To design, develop and deploy portals in Indian languages to demonstrate technologies that are developed.
  • To develop converters for data transferability between the existing products and standard unicode both at input and output.
  • To provide advice and service to any agency/individuals concerned with the use of Indian language processing products through IT localization clinics.
  • To design and organize training programmes for agencies and persons concerned with the deployment of Indian language processing systems.

Additional Specific Activities of the Resource Centre at IITB

  • To collect, evaluate and document all the knowledge and products available on computer processing of Marathi and Konkani languages and create a web site on the same.
  • To create a portal for Marathi containing heritage text, educationalhelp and such other information along with search engine.
  • To facilitate (semi) automatic translation between the designated languages on one hand and Hindi and English on the other.
  • To create the lexical knowledge base Indo Wordnet for Hindi.
  • To develop tools for dictionary processing.
  • To do research on Marathi speech generation for eventual interfacing with the web.