Package unigoa.indowordnet

Interface Summary
IWNavigation<E> The interface for objects which is collection of something.

Class Summary
IWAPIClass A class which handles miscellaneous applications.
IWCon A class that sets up a connection to a database
IWDataFile A class that keeps records of a data files.
IWDb A class that connects to a language dependent database
IWExampleCollection Collection of examples for a synset
IWField A class which returns to the application, the proper datatype irrespective of the db datatype or vice versa.
IWFile A class that represents a File.
IWFileCollection Collection of files for a synset
IWOntology A class that represents a Ontology.
IWOntologyCollection A class that contains collection of child nodes for a given ontology node
IWPictureFile A class that represents a picutre files.
IWResult A class which returns to the application layer, results of database statements.
IWStatement A class which contains all the queries pertaining to the application layer and also the basic functions such as updation, deletion, insertion, selection etc.
IWSynset A class which represents a synset.
IWSynsetCollection Collection of Synset for a word
IWWord A class that represents a word.
IWWordCollection Collection of words for a synset