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Invited Speakers


List of invited speakers:

  • India
    • Prof. M.G.K. Menon
    • Mr. Manohar G. Prabhu Parrikar, Honourable Chief Minister, Goa
    • Dr. Om Vikas, Ministry of Information Technology, New Delhi
    • Prof. Rajeev Sangal, IIIT Hyderabad
    • Prof. R.M.K Sinha, IIT Kanpur
    • Prof. B.B.Choudhary, ISI Calcutta
    • Prof. B.Yegnanarayana, IIT Madras

  • China
    • Professor Zhao Tingyang , philosopher (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
    • Professor Wang Mingming, anthropologist (Beijing University)

  • Iran
    • Doctor Atoallah Seyed Mohajerani, historian, President of the International Centre for Dialogue among Civilisations
    • Professor Ali Paya, philosopher, University of Westminster, University of Teheran

  • Africa (Mali)
    • Professor Moussa Sow, ethno-semiologist (Institut des Sciences Humaines du Mali)

  • European Commission
    • Doctor Gustavo Martin Prada, economist, adviser of M. Pascal Lamy
    • Doctor Luis Rodriguez Rosello, Chief of the E-learning IST Department

  • Italy
    • Professoressa Fiorella Kostoris Padoa Schioppa, economist, President of the ISAE (Italian Institute for Economic Studies)

  • France
    • Professor Tobie Nathan, ethno-psychiatrist, Paris 8 University
    • M. Pierre Varrod, Chairman of Dictionnaires Le Robert Publishing House
    • Prof. Jacques Vauthiers, Director of Distance Education, France