The 11th Workshop on Asian Language Resources


Nagoya, Japan
Oct 14, 2013



Workshop Program





Keynote Speech

Prof. Sadao Kurohashi

Kyoto University, Japan

Title: Knowledge-Intensive Structural NLP in the Era of Big Data

Texts are the basis of human knowledge representation, including data analysis results and interpretation by experts, criticism and opinions, procedures and instructions. We have been working on the realization of knowledge-intensive structural NLP which can extract truly valuable knowledge for human beings from an ever growing volume of texts, known recently as Big Data. This talk introduces several of our on-going projects concerning knowledge-intensive structural NLP: synonymous expression, case frame and event relation acquisition from 15G parsed sentences, ellipsis resolution considering exophora and author/reader information, an open search engine infrastructure TSUBAKI, and an information analysis system WISDOM.


Tea Break

Session 1


EVBCorpus - A Multi-Layer English-Vietnamese Bilingual Corpus for Studying Tasks in Comparative Linguistics

Quoc Hung Ngo, Werner Winiwarter and Bartholomäus Wloka


Building a Chinese Wordnet: Starting from Core Synsets

Shan Wang and Francis Bond


Detecting Annotation Disagreement using Eye Gaze Information

Koh Mitsuda, Ryu Iida and Takenobu Tokunaga


Implementation of an NLP-oriented HPSG grammar for Chinese

Janna Lipenkova


Event and Event Actor Alignment in Phrase Based Statistical Machine Translation

Anup Kolya, Santanu Pal, Asif Ekbal and Sivaji Bandyopadhya


Lunch Break

Session 2


Sentiment Analysis of Hindi Reviews based on Negation and Discourse Relation

Namita Mittal, Basant Agarwal, Garvit Chouhan, Nitin Bania and Prateek Pareek


Annotating Legitimate Disagreement in Corpus Construction

Billy T.M. Wong and Sophia Y.M. Lee


A Hybrid Statistical Approach for Named Entity Recognition for Malayalam Language

Jisha jayan, Rajeev R R and Elizabeth Sherly


Tea Break

Session 3


Designing a Generic Scheme for Etymological Annotation: a New Type of Language Corpora Annotation

Niladri Sekhar Dash and Mazhar Mehdi Hussain

17:30 UNL-ization of Punjabi with IAN Vaibhav Agarwal and Parteek Kumar


Closing session